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A ISO 19128:2005 (OGC:WMS and OGC:WFS(beta)), which can be used for implementation in internal GIS solutions. The maps is for free use, but used in external publications the source must be stated as: Source NPD mm.yyyy or Kilde OD mm.yyyy.

Technical information:

On the Norwegian continental shelf the European Datum 1950 (ED50) is the de facto and de jure geographic coordinate reference system for the Petroleum Industries licensing and operations. All positional data handled by the NPD is referenced this Datum. The service is also available in WGS84. This is done in the server with a position vector 7-parameter realtime transformation. The vector has been chosen for an overall minimum deviation from the Norwegian Mapping Authorities official algorithm. Observed deviations |dX|<1.8m |dY|<1.7m south of 62 N and |dX|<6.0m |dY|<2.6 north of 62 N. Transformations on the Norwegian continental shelf,: EPSG "Guidance Note Number 10" http://info.ogp.org.uk/geodesy/guides/G10.html

URL to the WMS and WFS server: http://npdwms.npd.no/npdwmsmap_wgs84.asp?

To test the OGC:WMS:

GetCapabilities GetMap GetLegend GetFeatureInfo

To test the OGC:WFS(beta):

GetCapabilities DescribeFeatureType GetFeature

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